Wiggles Get In On The Act

Sydney Morning Herald

Friday October 17, 1997


THEY'RE young Australia's favourite band and one of the country's highest-grossing acts, achieving double platinum sales, winning ARIA awards and selling more than 1 million videos. We're not talking about Custard or You Am I, but the Wiggles.

If you don't think a child under six years of age can become excited over a band, then you should be at a concert when the Wiggles launch into their hit songs, such as Dorothy the Dinosaur, or Romp Bomp A Stomp. You'll see the kinds of excesses you'd expect of a teenage audience at a rock concert.

Most bands start small, playing in pubs before winning acclaim and national exposure. The Wiggles did pretty much the same, though with gigs in child-care centres. I first saw the band in a surprisingly well-attended concert at a Dulwich Hill child-care centre in the early '90s, when they were already so highly regarded you couldn't find parking closer than a block away.

But who would have thought that the Wiggles would get so big they would produce not only a movie but also a multimedia CD-ROM?

They have, and you just know this CD is going to sell, mostly to parents desperate for some local content in their CD-ROM drives.

The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack Enhance CD, from ABC For Kids, will be released next week. According to the ABC, the CD is essentially a soundtrack of the movie, but the 24th track includes a special interactive component, which can be played on most home computers.

Created by the multimedia producers Imaginet Interactive, this isn't just an interactive side bit, but an education in multimedia for children.

Rex Barry, the ABC labels manager, says: "The interactive multimedia is designed specifically to educate the under-six-year-olds by simplifying the navigation and encouraging and rewarding exploration of the disc. The package features full-screen, full-motion, real-time video action footage from the film, The Wiggles themselves talking about the movie, illustrations that can be printed out for colouring in, plus a game, 'kiddie safe' Internet links and general Wiggles information."

The CD was designed to operate on all IBM compatible computers with at least a quad speed CD-ROM drive and Windows software.

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